Does PeerBlock Work?

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Does PeerBlock Work?

PeerBlock probably DOES block addresses and in that sense it can be said to work, but, it has no affect on the likelihood of you being detected and prosecuted for illegal fie sharing.

The developers (and the users) of PeerBlock seem to be engaged in an academic exercise. When you see the question (on many forums) "Does PeerBlock Work?" it is normally one asking does it run (or how can I get it to run) on a computer rather than asking "does it protect you from getting detected while making illegal downloads?". Or "Does it block the access of IPs in a pre-determined list?" Undoubtedly it does, but, it has no affect on the likelihood of you being detected and prosecuted for illegal file sharing. Mark Bulas, the person running the current "fork" admits as much on the Peerblock website:

The developer of Peerblock even admits it might not work!

It is not a question of disagreeing, it either works or it does not! The statement above clearly says that it doesn't. As for the bear anology - come on!

I have nothing against the developers of the PeerBlock (Peer Guardian 2) software. I am sure that they are very competent programmers and their software works in the way that they claim. However, my hope is that they are not under the delusion that the blocking of IP addresses (peers) from access to your computer in any way helps you gain immunity from detection when downloading copyrighted material.

Peerblock - does it do anything?

I am not alone in this opinion as you will find if you search for PG2 or the other names that have been used for this program. I can send you the links, but the posting of external links on this site are not within the remit of this website. You will have to find discussion of sites and forums that are not directly related to as you are not likely to get an unbiased view. The matters discussed here relate more to the operation of PeerBlock on computer hardware.

What PeerBlock say about themselves and the PG2 software:

PeerBlock is a new version (aka a "fork") of the popular Peer Guardian 2 software. It blocks "known bad" computers from accessing yours, for example governments, corporate entities, and those flagged for anti-p2p activities.

While this statement may well be true, it makes no claims that the use of the sofware will in any way protect you from detection by these "Bad Computers". It is my contention that if you participate in p2p file sharing your IP can be determined by these "bad companies" accessing the torrents anonymously themselves - thus not being picked up by your exception list.

Peerblock AKA PG2

In addition to the fact that the operation of the Peer Blocking software to provide you with any form of anonymity it has side-effects of blocking services, such as the BBC RSS feeds, from delivering content to your "live bookmarks" in Firefox (for example). Sure, you can specify PG2 not to block HTML requests, i.e. when you are using a web browser (not the torrenting agent), but this only highlights the futility of the process.

If you are concerned that "Bad computers" are accessing your computer (or even if you have detected such activity) you are probably better off looking to see if your computer is not affected by a Malware programme.

The only way that you are going to avoid detection when you are Illegally Downloading is to obscure you real IP address. There are many ways of doing this and I have used most of them so I know of what I speak.

You can choose to believe what I write here or you can continue to search the Internet to find sites that tell you what you want to hear. It makes no difference to me, I have nothing to sell and I do not do this for any claim to fame.

If you are using, or contemplating using, a program such as Peer Guardian 2 (PG2) then you are also likely to be of the persuasion to attempt the blocking of scripts (or turning off JavaScript in your browser). If this is the case then your searches will not appear in Goggle Analytics but they DO APPEAR in my server access logs . This is an example of how your anonymity is not absolute and whatever measures you take you can be tracked- not that you have anything to fear from me!

Peerblock why would you waste your time?

Methods to "Hide" your real IP address (Identity on the Internet)

With all these methods it is imperitive that your true identity is not stored and and activity logged in any justidiction that can be compelled to release that information if demanded by court action. Organisations outside the "normal" legal framework are "safer" in this regard. The US, Canada and European countries are NOT seen as "safe". The servers used by organizations that re-direct and obsure your Internet access that are located in the UK, Canada and the US are fine as long as you are sure that the principles running them are sufficiently removed from the legal systems in the countries involved.



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Peerblock why would you waste your time?

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